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It's time to get a new roof, and you're considering a change. Will it be the same material you've always used or something with a different look and cost? Most people use asphalt shingles, but metal roofs are growing in popularity because of their durability and lifespan. Getting the expert opinion of a Chesterfield roofing professional can help you decide if metal is the best roofing system for your home.

Steel and aluminum are the main materials used to make metal roofing. Steel is given a metallic coating to prevent rust. Copper, titanium and zinc are used when a home requires a special architectural feature.

Staying power is the superpower of metal roofing, which lasts up to 70 years. Metal types used in special architectural applications last 80 to more than 100 years. Durability is what makes it last so long. Able to withstand winds of more than 140 miles per hour and impact-resistant, metal roofing does not crack or corrode. Snow slides off, preventing a buildup of extra weight that could lead to structural problems.

Considered a green option, metal roofs are made of 25 to 95 percent recycled material, and they are completely recyclable.

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Metal also deflects heat from the sun, which reduces cooling costs. A metal roof does not spark or catch fire. Metal comes in multiple colors and is available in styles that look like shingles, slate and other roofing materials. While occasional inspections help to make sure there is no damage that needs repairing, metal roofs don't need regular maintenance like other common roofing systems.

For all its advantages, there are some issues homeowners should consider before choosing a metal roof. The biggest is cost. Metal roofs cost two or three times more than some other roofing products. If you plan to stay in the home for many years, choosing metal is likely a wise investment. During heavy rain or other harsh weather, a metal roof may be noisy. Insulation and solid sheathing take care of this problem. Metal roofs attached as large panels expand and contract. Improper installation of the panels won't allow them to breathe and cause them to gradually loosen. If damaged, it may be difficult to get an exact color match on replacement parts.

Homeowners looking for more information about metal roofs should contact a roofing professional. Asking someone with expertise in this area will help you make an informed choice about your next roofing system.

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