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How it looks, how long it will last and how much it will cost are the three main questions homeowners have when deciding what type of roofing to use on a house. There are other things many homeowners do not consider, including local building codes and the roof's weight and slope. While homeowners may not understand these issues, Chesterfield roofing professionals do, and they are ready to explain them to anyone looking for a new roof.

When considering roofing costs, homeowners will find that asphalt is the least expensive option. Wood, plastic polymer and some metals are moderately expensive, and slate tile and other metals, like copper, are the most costly. When it comes to durability, various types of asphalt and wood shingles typically last anywhere from 15 to 30 years, but slate and some types of metal last 30 to 75 years or more.

Weight should always be a consideration when installing a roof because different materials weigh different amounts, and your roof may not be able to carry the load. Materials such as metal, plastic polymer, asphalt and wood are relatively lightweight and will likely work on any house. Slate and other types of tile, on the other hand, are quite heavy and may require added reinforcements.

In addition to weight, it is important to consider the angles and height of the roof because the slope is not the same on each house, and some roofing materials only work on certain slopes.

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While asphalt and metal roofing work on all types of roofs, plastic polymer, tile and wood are best used on moderate to steeper slopes, and slate is only recommended for steep rooftops.

Installing a new roof will most likely require a building permit, and building codes could dictate what type of roof you can install on your home. Some areas have imposed restrictions or specific guidelines regarding wood roofing materials because of their flammable nature. Sometimes, contractors will install new roofing on top of existing roofing materials, and there may be building codes covering that type of work. Homeowners should check municipal regulations for these and other requirements or hire a professional roofer with first-hand knowledge of building codes.

Any roofing project is a major undertaking, and it begins with deciding what materials to put on your house. While you may like the look and cost of one material, not taking into account the other important factors may prevent you from getting the roof you want. Chesterfield residents should consult a professional roofer with experience in all roofing types and get the guidance they need to make the best roofing choice.

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