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Chesterfield Roofing: Article About Common Roof Problems

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Many of the roof problems that Chesterfield roofing companies are hired to fix could've been avoided with some preventive maintenance. Homeowners can save themselves a lot of money by being aware of common issues and being proactive when they encounter them.

Be aware that an attic is an integral component of a roof. When an attic has proper ventilation, which is often achieved with soffit and ridge vents and insulation, the attic temperature normalizes with the external temperature, which lets shingles and other roofing materials reach their ideal lifespans. Beyond just insulation, the seal of an attic is important as well, and homeowners should have their attic resealed whenever new attic bypasses are possible, such as after installing an HVAC system or attic lighting.

The heat issues that can arise due to inadequate ventilation aren't limited to warm climates and weather. A warm attic during winter can create a situation called an ice dam. This occurs when the lower layers of snow and ice accumulation melt and present a leak risk due to being pressurized.

One of the more overlooked roof risks is organic accumulation. Leaves, pine needles and other matter that accumulate on a roof serve as a collection site for moisture, which can rust flashing, and a breeding ground for growth, which can compromise shingles. Clean these piles from your roof regularly or hire a roofer.

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Many include this service in their seasonal maintenance packages.

If organic matter accumulation is a recurring problem for you, then you can alleviate that problem by cutting back branches that hang over the roof. Many experts recommend a roof-edge clearance of at least three feet. Overhanging branches are also a risk to fall and damage a roof, so this kind of maintenance serves a dual purpose.

While algae growth on roofs is common and unsightly, it isn't a structural problem. That can't be said for all growth. Moss, mushrooms and any growth with a root system can compromise shingles. Be mindful that while mold and mildew don't undermine shingles directly, they're a symptom of problems that do.

Finally, wind and hail are the most common external threats to a roof. The best way to protect against wind damage is to keep the roof uniform. If shingles are missing, damaged or curled up, replace them so that the wind can't worsen the damage and affect other shingles. When it hails, inspect your roof as soon as it's safe. If you see any indentations or marks at all, call a professional. These marks are often indentations that expose the middle of a shingle and allow it to be compromised.

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