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Chesterfield Roofing: Article About Condensation In Your Attic

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Chesterfield roofing companies often warn their customers that inadequate attic ventilation can actually diminish the life expectancy of shingles, underlayment and other roofing materials. It's important to view an attic as a component of your roof rather than another room in the home, and homeowners should watch for attic condensation, which is one of the telltale signs of an attic problem.

Many homeowners believe that an attic should remain cool during summer and warm during winter, but this isn't the case. The air in an attic with proper ventilation is going to reach an equilibrium with the external temperature, which means hot in the summer and cold in the winter. If that balance doesn't occur, then shingles can overheat and actually blister. Another common problem is that the attic can hold water vapor, which then condenses into liquid.

This relationship between your roof and your attic is why attic insulation is so important. Insulation ensures that warmed and cooled air isn't exchanged between the attic and the living space. This exchange increases energy costs but also upsets the balance the attic is designed to achieve.

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Disrupting that balance may not cause a problem directly, but it can certainly make it worse by causing water vapor to condense and condensation to freeze, for example.

Approach your attic as an extension of your home's roof. When you perform your seasonal roof inspection, go up to the roof as well. Inspect the insulation and vents and look for signs of moisture. When you schedule a professional inspection, ensure that your attic is included, and every decade or so, or whenever you've had substantial work done in the attic, such as an HVAC installation, have the attic professionally resealed. It's also a good idea to have attic ventilation assessed. That assessment should be performed as part of a roof inspection, but if it's been a long time since you've scheduled an assessment, or if you never have, then now is a good time to do that.

If an attic does have a ventilation or insulation problem, these issues are usually relatively simple and fast to fix. The EPA recommends replacing attic insulation every decade even if problems haven't manifested, and the latest innovations in insulation have resulted in a process that's fast and relatively inexpensive. Ventilation issues are often caused by bypasses, which resealing will fix, and intake exhaust imbalances, which you can often correct simply by eliminating blockages or by installing an additional ridge or soffit vent or two.

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