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Chesterfield Roofing: Article About Easy Ways To Maintain Gutters

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Gutters are connected to a roof's drainage system. By keeping them clean and functioning properly, homeowners can extend not only the life of the gutters but also the roof. The gutters and roof work together in a partnership. Rainwater runs off the roof and into the gutters where it is carried to the downspouts and funneled away from the roof and siding. If the system isn't working together correctly, the foundation of the home will be in danger of extensive damage.

Maintaining a home's gutters is essential. They need to be inspected and cleaned out at least twice a year, and fall and spring are great times for the task. Cleaning the gutters can be coordinated with a Chesterfield roofing contractor when they come to do their annual roof inspection. Having gutters checked before each new rainy season will guarantee homeowners that their water draining system is working properly. Plus, combining regular roof inspections with clearing out the gutters will make sure it gets done.

When leaves, twigs and other debris build up in gutters, rainwater cannot drain properly. In addition, those wet leaves and dirt are a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

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It doesn't take a violent storm to toss mold spores into the gutter. A gentle breeze is enough, so homeowners need to take care of all obstructions as soon as they are discovered. Cleaning out gutters and performing other maintenance chores can be quite messy, and homeowners should be prepared accordingly.

Since climbing onto the roof is dangerous, the easiest way to keep the gutters free of clogs, mold and rust is to have them cleaned out by a professional roofing company on a regular basis. If the gutters clog up frequently, a roofing expert can install screens to help keep the downspout clear and functional.

Another area that a roofing contractor can be of help is with gutter repairs. If the gutter is leaking due to cracks or rust, it needs to be patched and coated with a rust resistant sealer. Small holes also need to be repaired and seams checked for gaps. When the gutter pulls away from the fascia board, it won't drain properly and is at risk for falling down. The gutter needs to be reattached and any damage done to the fascia board repaired. Since most homeowners are not qualified to do gutter repairs, hiring a professional will make gutter maintenance easy and give homeowners peace of mind.

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