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When one thinks of a metal roof, sheets of corrugated galvanized steel often come to mind. However, recent innovations in the industry have produced metal roofing materials that are visually appealing in addition to being lightweight, sustainable, long lasting and energy efficient.

Recently, the manufacturing of metal roofing products has been elevated to an art form. Processes like zinc-aluminum coating, bonderization and the application of ceramic-pigmented, silicone polyester-baked enamel are often used. The resulting durable material can mimic the appearance of asphalt shingles, shake, ceramic tiles or other popular roofing products.

Ask your Chesterfield roofing contractor about the many advantages of metal over more conventional products. They will most likely tell you that it is quick to install. In fact, metal roofs can often be placed directly on top of an existing roof. Doing so eliminates the need for messy dismantling and costly removal and disposal of old materials.

Resistant to fire, wind, rot, mildew and insects, a metal roof also sheds snow and other precipitation very efficiently. This eliminates the buildup of extra weight upon the structure and prevents the formation of ice dams.

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The product itself is light in weight, which further reduces the burden of weight upon the underlying framework of the house.

Additionally, the sun's hot rays reflect right off a metal roof, keeping the living space pleasantly cool in summer without the need for air conditioning. During the colder months, the dead air space between the roof deck and the covering provides a source of insulation against the cold.

Most modern metal roofing products are manufactured from recycled materials. Should you remove the roof for any reason, it is also 100 percent recyclable, so it is a very eco-friendly roofing choice.

As with any product, there are disadvantages to covering your home with a metal roof. The initial investment for the material can be quite high, but this has to be weighed against its incredibly long useful life. Some metal roofs have even survived for hundreds of years. In fact, there is a copper roof on a cathedral in Germany that has been in place for more than 700 years. Today, most metal roofs are covered by a 50-year warranty.

In addition to being more costly initially, metal roofs can be noisy, especially during a fierce rain or hailstorm. This effect can be moderated by soundproofing. Some metals, like copper or aluminum, may be susceptible to denting, especially if struck with large hailstones.

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