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Chesterfield Roofing: Article About Pros and Cons Of Tile Roofs

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Houses shelter people, and roofs shelter houses. As the primary protector of the home, it's important to have proper roof installation with materials that are strong enough to withstand the elements. Homeowners considering tile know that it is among the more visually appealing roofing materials, but they may wonder about its cost and if it's durable enough to protect their home. A Chesterfield roofing professional knows the pros and cons of tile roofing and can help homeowners understand if tile is right for their home.

Durability is a quality you want in a roof, and tile has plenty. Made of clay or concrete, tile is heavy and fire-resistant, and it lasts a long time. Some tile roofs last more than a hundred years, and some manufacturers offer 50-year warranties. Tile roofs are resistant to hail and winds as well as freezing and thawing weather conditions. They also resist rot and insect damage.

While the traditional Mediterranean and Spanish look of tile roofing is still common, manufacturers make tile in multiple colors, sizes and shapes that match most architectural styles. They can also be flat or round and look like other roofing materials, including wood shakes and slate. Environmentally friendly, tile's thermal mass regulates the temperature inside the home.

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Tile is recyclable and practically maintenance-free. Homeowners usually only have to maintain gutters, venting and flashing. Over time, tile has a lower long-term cost than other roofing materials. Because tiles are installed individually, replacing broken or damaged tiles is easy.

Tile does have drawbacks, including the expense. While concrete tiles cost more than some other roofing types, clay tiles cost more than most other roofing materials. Installation is challenging, especially without the help of an experienced roofer. Homeowners installing tile as a do-it-yourself project may become overwhelmed. Installation also takes longer and requires some special tools. Tile is heavy, so it's absolutely necessary to make sure your roof can handle the added weight. Even with its mass, tile is fragile and prone to breakage during inspections.

Homeowners have many choices when it comes to roofing materials, and figuring out which one is the best for their home is often a challenge. While tile adds a level of attractiveness to a house, it costs more than some other roofing types. Homeowners considering a tile roof may need a professional roofer with experience in tile installation and repair to explain roofing types and how they compare to tile.

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