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It's normal to want to pay as little as possible for a roof, but there are costs that don't surface until many years after the installation. Two major costs that many homeowners are beginning to consider are energy bills and shingle warranty coverage. A Chesterfield roofing contractor should have good knowledge of energy efficient roofing options. Factory trained roofers are also able to offer better warranties on shingles than untrained roofers can. Warranties can cover part of the cost of repairs, or they can cover the entire expense of a replacement, including labor and disposal. A roof may need to be replaced before its predicted expiration date if it catches on fire or is destroyed during a storm. Occasional manufacturing defects cause shingles to wear out prematurely, and warranty coverage ensures that replacement costs are covered.

Trying to save money on a roof replacement by choosing inexpensive shingles and the lowest bid on labor costs can backfire. Shingles have to be combined with at least two other system components from the same manufacturer to be eligible for warranty coverage. They must be installed the right way to prevent voiding the warranty.

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Sometimes, homeowners think their roofs are covered by warranty protection, but when a storm or fire causes damage, the shingle manufacturer is unable to honor the claim. It makes the homeowners angry, and they voice their dissatisfaction by complaining to the Better Business Bureau. About 70 percent of complaints to the BBB are related to roofing projects. Usually, these complaints are caused by bad workmanship or inadequate warranty coverage.

The only way to be 100 percent certain that roof damage will be covered under any circumstances is by choosing system components from the same manufacturer and getting a zero percent liability warranty. There is only one warranty in the roofing industry that offers this coverage, and it's only available through GAF Master Elite roofers. The GAF Golden Pledge warranty covers the entire cost of tear down, disposal, and all parts and labor, and it comes with a factory inspection of the newly installed roof. A factory inspection is actually required to make sure that all external systems are working properly. It lets GAF know that an electrical fire or other preventable catastrophe won't destroy the roof. In the rare case that manufacturing defects cause the shingles to wear out too soon, the warranty covers all the costs of repairs. This situation is the most likely cause of replacement, but GAF's 50 year warranty is a sign of the company's confidence that shingles will last as long as expected.

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