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Clay and concrete tile roofs are energy efficient and have a high level of aesthetic appeal. However, these roofing systems usually require some extra interior bracing within the attic space because they are much heavier than asphalt shingles, metal panels or wood shakes. Chesterfield roofing experts can install clay and concrete tiles in a variety of styles and configurations.

After choosing to install a clay or concrete tile roof, a homeowner must decide on what type of profile to go with. A low profile is most common with concrete, but it is also possible to find clay tiles created this way. The smooth surfaces of these tiles make them challenging to walk on, so the roofers will take extra precautions during the installation process. If finished in a light color, these tiles can boost a home's energy efficiency because they will reflect a majority of the sun's heat energy. This will help lower a home's summertime air conditioning costs and increase interior comfort in the upper level of the house.

Medium-profile tiles are most common with clay. These tiles have a gentle "S" curve shape. Also known as pan tiles, this style is often used on adobe and stucco homes.

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The thickness of these tiles helps increase a home's thermal resistance. Most of these tiles are left in their natural terra cotta color, but they can be painted or coated with an epoxy. High-profile tiles are barrel shaped and installed in an overlapping pattern much like asphalt shingles. Due to the manufacturing process, only clay tiles are found in this configuration.

The side profiles of tiles also help make up a home's finished look. From the side view, one can see how the roofers installed the tiles in an adjoining pattern. Contractors only use this installation method for the flat tiles. The medium- and high-profile tiles may be interlocked or overlapped. When tiles interlock, the edge profiles fit together like pieces of a puzzle in order to properly guard against moisture intrusion.

Tile roofs require a few additional pieces that other roofs do not usually use. If a contractor installs medium- or high-profile tiles, the roof will need a bird stop. A bird stop fits along the roof's edge and blocks the open end of the first course of tiles. This would be an ideal spot for a bird to build a nest, which would cause problems for the roof. The metal mesh bird stop blocks the openings so that birds cannot get inside.

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