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Standard roofing materials, including shingles, cannot be applied to low slope or flat roofs because of their pitch. Water can flow up a rooftop because of blocked gutters or basic wind gusts. Homeowners can still protect their unique roof with TPO membranes, however. These films adhere to a roof's surface, offering wind uplift resistance and moisture protection for several decades. Homeowners can educate themselves about this roofing system to improve their property's building envelope with the help of a Chesterfield roofing professional.

TPO, or thermoplastic polyolefin roofing systems, consist of one film layer across the roof deck. Homeowners may be concerned about this thin coverage, but TPO has several layers embedded within its construction. Depending on the material's manufacturer, there could be two or three layers within one membrane. Specialized polymers designed for roofing applications make the film strong yet pliable. It can be walked on while being subjected to decades of weathering stress. Its strength is also enhanced by an experienced contractor's installation expertise.

Membranes are available in varying thicknesses. Contractors evaluate the roof's surface, taking pitch, size and penetrations into consideration.

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If an air conditioner must be accessed periodically on the roof, for example, a thicker membrane would be a smart choice. When only roofers must access the area for basic yearly inspections, a thin membrane is sufficient. Thicknesses typically vary between 0.45 and 0.60 mil.

Roofers lay the membrane out with adhesive added to the edges. This glue cannot be simply pressed into place by hand but must be rolled with a strong tool. Contractors use membrane rollers to perfectly flatten the film to the roof deck. There should be no bubbles or other anomalies across the roof's surface. A proper rolling installation ensures a quality roof covering for years.

Roof membranes used to have a limited warranty period because of low slope or flat applications. The materials used to simply break down after 5 or 10 years. Today's materials last about 20 years with a matching warranty. Various membrane colors can also be applied to the home, allowing the installation to blend in with the surrounding exterior color.

Discuss TPO installation strategies with contractors before making the final installation decision. Common film materials use adhesives, but there might be some accessories requiring heat installation. When homeowners understand a project's details, they'll be more comfortable asking questions and adding distinct alterations to make the roof a unique extension of the surrounding decor.

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