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Whether you buy your shingles and other roofing materials from a retailer or acquire them through a Chesterfield roofing company that installs them, you'll get a warranty. You'll likely have some choices to make concerning the coverage, and it's important to understand how these warranties can protect you.

Many homeowners don't realize that warranties are a contract, and when you sign a warranty, you're agreeing to meet certain obligations. There are obligations related to how the material must be installed and obligations concerning the ongoing maintenance you must perform. If you fail to meet those obligations in any way, the manufacturer may deny a claim.

There are at least four types of warranties that are common in the roofing industry: implied, basic, extended and labor. Implied warranties are defined by federal, state and local laws. This is the kind of coverage that you can have enforced in court even if the basic warranty omits it.

Most manufacturers explicitly state their legal obligations under the basic warranty. A basic warranty is a coverage provided with the roofing product at no additional cost. Manufacturers provide basic warranties to distinguish their products and help protect their customers. Be sure to read the fine print to understand the extent of the coverage. For example, if you have a shingle splice, a manufacturer may pay for the shingles but not the roofing felt and sheathing damaged due to the problem.

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Extended warranties are sold for an additional fee and can extend both the term and the coverage. A simple extended warranty may just extend the term another 15 years, but a deluxe protection plan can cover all materials damaged due to a defect as well as the cost of labor to repair them.

Labor warranties are usually provided by the contractor. These warranties cover you from workmanship errors. This type of coverage usually includes materials and labor, and the protection is very important because manufacturer warranties usually only cover manufacturer defects.

Basic and extended warranties can be either prorated or non-prorated. Prorated coverage employs a sliding scale based on the age of the product. That means that if you have 20-year shingles that fail in year 13, the manufacturer will only pay about 35 percent of the original cost. Non-prorated warranties are much better for the consumer because if you have a 20-year shingle fail in year 19, the manufacturer will reimburse the full amount. Note that warranties can have both prorated and non-prorated components, which is common in extended warranties that provide a lot of additional coverage.

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