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O'Fallon Roofing: Article About Finding Hidden Roof Leaks

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Roof leaks may not always be as obvious as placing a bucket under an active water stream. In many cases, O'Fallon roofing professionals must be called to find all leaks before they become major problems. There could be a slow leak into the home for weeks or months that isn't seen until a stain emerges on drywall. Contractors can discuss unusual leak locations with homeowners when roofers visit for basic preventive maintenance appointments.

A home's perimeter walls have drywall on the interior with siding or other material protecting the exterior. Leaks along perimeter walls often appear down the drywall in long lengths or bulging semicircles. These leaks are usually caused by ice damming. Water that forms into ice along rain gutters actually forces water up onto the rooftop. Moisture seeps under shingles, allowing it to flow directly to the drywall installation below. Contractors must repair or replace the drywall along with solving the ice damming problem outside.

Roofers usually access the attic for thorough leak inspections. They'll look at the ceiling, joists and other structural elements to find any moisture. If the space is insulated, moisture often accumulates along this fiberglass material. Contractors can follow the moisture trail with the insulation's clues to discover a leak's origin. Insulation should be replaced after leak repair to reduce mold and algae growth potential.

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Even interior walls aren't immune to leaks appearing on drywall. Homeowners should take close looks at walls and ceiling areas for any unusual color changes. With slow leaks, a stain can be very gradual and discreet. Only a slight yellow color may appear on interior walls. Stains can be large or small, but they will continue to grow in size if leaks aren't repaired. Document any visible stains and point them all out during the next contractor appointment. They'll use the clues to locate one or more leaks into the structure.

When homeowners turn on a ceiling light or fan, a short may occur where power is intermittent to the fixture. Although this problem could be basic wiring issues, water leaks near a fixture could actually cause electrical shorts. Turn the fixture off at the switch and allow a professional to evaluate the problem.

Although visual clues are the best way to find leaks, homeowners can also be aware of problems through basic smell. If a room or hallway suddenly smells like mildew, for instance, there could be a leak nearby that isn't visible yet. Contractors can inspect the area for any moisture accumulation to remove the smell permanently.

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