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When a roof's condition needs to be assessed, experienced O'Fallon roofing contractors may demonstrate with photographs what the problem is. Having visual documentation allows the roofers to more easily explain roofing problems to the owners of a home. The photos may also become helpful in situations when the property owners are seeking reimbursement for roof repairs or a roof replacement.

During an inspection of a home, roofers will use a camera to capture images of problem spots on the roof. The initial inspection's photos can serve as documentation of the roof's condition before a property owner makes the needed repairs. The same inspector can access the roof again and take photos of what the area looks like after the necessary repairs have been made. This information can be helpful during contract negotiations when a person is purchasing a house.

Another reason why roofers may take photos of what they see on a roof is that it can be dangerous for the home's owners to get up there and see the problem for themselves. Being able to see what the roofer is talking about can help the owners build a greater level of trust with the contractors.

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While most roofers do a good job of explaining with words why a roof needs a specific type of repair, a picture is sometimes needed.

Photographic documentation is also useful for insurance claim purposes. The homeowner's insurance agent may come to the home and verify the level of damage in the aftermath of a severe weather event. However, having digital photos of the hailstone damage or a tree still on the roof can be useful in expediting the reimbursement process when a roofing system needs urgent repairs. With digital photography, the roofer can take hundreds of photos if needed. The images can then be emailed to the homeowner, insurance company agents and anyone else who might need them. These pictures can also be useful as documentation for tax purposes on the loss of real estate value if the house is a rental unit and not occupied by its owner.

Infrared thermography is another type of photographic tool used by contractors. These images are useful when the damage is difficult to detect from standing on a ladder, walking across the rooftop or standing at the curb. Roofers may also need to use this technique if the roof's surface is unsafe for foot traffic, such as when there is ice or snow buildup. These images can also be saved and stored on a flash drive and then electronically sent to the home's owners.

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