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Birds, bats, squirrels, raccoons and insects all seek shelter from the weather and a warm, quiet place to raise their young. A home's roof and attic are appealing to these critters, but most homeowners are horrified to find that their houses are infested with uninvited guests. Experienced O'Fallon roofing contractors can do an inspection to find the entry point of animals and take steps to prevent them from getting back inside of the residence.

One of the reasons why property owners do not want animals in the roof and attic is because of the structural damage that they may cause. Raccoons and squirrels can chew through asphalt shingles, wooden sheathing, adhesives, sealants, caulk and metal. The holes they leave behind promote roof leaks as well as intrusion of ice and snow. Once inside of the attic, the animals continue their destructive ways by chewing through joists, trusses and insulation. If an animal chews through wiring, an electrical short could start a fire. Roofers will look for telltale signs of animal entry around a roof's perimeter and any protrusions. Bigger animals like raccoons and squirrels often come in through decayed soffit, fascia and wood decking. They can also get inside if there is a missing vent cover, chimney cap or screen.

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Animals can also cause injury to humans. A wasp's nest, beehive or ant mound can be a serious threat to a person. People may have allergies to the stings and bites of these animals. This is especially true if a person goes up into an attic without adequate personal protection. It is important to have the insects safely removed because if they are in the attic, it is only a matter of time before they get into the home's living quarters.

An animal infestation in the attic may also spread dangerous diseases. Bats and raccoons are known carriers of rabies and other viral and bacterial illnesses. The droppings of bats, birds and rodents can also spread disease. Contractors and homeowners should always don a breathing mask before entering an attic.

Exterior damage is not a certain sign that there is an active infestation of animals within the roofing system or attic area. The roofers will actually need to see the nest, animal droppings or the animals to be sure. Before any damage can be repaired, the animals must be evicted from the space. A roofer will not do this, so the homeowner would need to find a certified wildlife removal specialist or a pest control company. Once it is confirmed that the animals are gone, the roof can be fixed.

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