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When a homeowner lists a property for sale, one of the first things that prospective buyers will want to know is the condition of major home components, such as the roof. A roofing system that is obviously in poor condition may drive away buyers who do not want to immediately pay for a new roof after already paying for all the costs associated with the purchase of a house. Once the property owner has an inspection of the roof performed by an O'Fallon roofing service and is aware of any problems, several options for roofing repairs and replacements can be negotiated between the sellers and the buyers.

Once homeowners are aware of a roofing problem, it behooves them to acknowledge the situation and be upfront about it in the real estate listing and with their sales agent. If possible, homeowners should have the roof replaced before listing the home for sale. Being able to describe the roof as new will draw in a wider swath of potential buyers willing to pay the asking price.

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Not only do potential buyers like the idea of not having to pay for the roof repairs or replacement themselves, but seeing that the homeowners took care of the roof also suggests that the owners took care of other problems and generally maintained the home well.

When a homeowner does not have the funds on hand to repair or replace the roof before listing the home for sale, the situation could be negotiated once a possible buyer makes an offer on the property. With the knowledge that the roof has a problem, the buyer may propose an offer lower than the asking price. The sellers could counteroffer with a higher offer that includes making the repairs by the time of the sale. This strategy provides the sellers with an additional month or two of time to fund the repairs.

When the buyer would like a prompt close to the transaction, another strategy is for the seller to place an amount of money into an escrow account with the stipulation that the buyers use the funds for the roofing repairs. Many buyers appreciate this type of move on the part of the seller because it allows them to choose their own contractors and materials. The buyer may prefer to upgrade to premium roofing materials rather than standard 20 year asphalt shingles that the seller would have used in the repair or replacement process.

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