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When experienced O'Fallon roofing contractors are working within the confined space of an attic or applying sealants, tars, paints or epoxies onto a roof's surface, they may be exposed to airborne particulates. These pollutants are harmful to the eyes, skin and respiratory system. To reduce the risk of harm, most roofers will wear a breathing mask or respirator while doing certain tasks.

Wearing personal respirators is especially important when working within the attic. Attics may have loose fill or fiberglass insulation. When disturbed, this insulation releases particles that float through the air and can be breathed in. These tiny pieces of material can also land on a person's hair, skin and clothing, causing exposure even after the person has exited the attic.

In addition to the insulation, there can also be dust in the attic. Dust mites thrive on dust and will leave their droppings behind as they digest the organic materials contained within the dust. When a person is exposed to dust or dust mites, he or she could have an allergic reaction. Wearing a breathing mask can reduce the likelihood of allergic symptoms when inside of an attic.

Attics can also harbor rodents, insects, bats and birds. Insect droppings are allergic triggers for many people. The droppings of these animals can also be dangerous.

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Birds can leave parasites in their droppings while rodents and bats droppings may contain viruses or bacteria that cause people to get sick. Respirators with canisters of oxygen can prevent a person from inhaling these microorganisms and developing an illness. Even dried bird droppings on top of asphalt shingles on a roof's surface can still contain infectious material.

In some cases, the workers should continue wearing the respirators even when not in the attic. If roofers are removing old, damaged insulation or installing a new roof after a known or suspected animal infestation, keeping the respirators on and wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants, gloves and a head covering provides optimal protection against contracting unwanted infections and developing future breathing problems. This is because animal droppings can be contained within insulation and other materials like shingles and roofing felt.

Wearing a dust mask is not sufficient for protection for roofers or anyone else going up into an attic. If a person has facial hair, the mask will not form a tight seal around the face. Basic respirators help to protect roofers from dust and particles but they will not filter out viruses or bacteria. A full respirator is the safest option.

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