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O'Fallon Roofing: Article About Understanding Metal Roof Installations

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Metal roofs aren't limited to industrial uses anymore because manufacturers have designed these materials with much more style for use in basic residential applications. From color choices to texture, metal roofs installed by an O'Fallon roofing professional can last longer than a standard shingle project. Homeowners should look over all the unique features of a metal installation to feel comfortable with the process.

Homeowners might be happy about the fact that metal panels can be installed directly on old shingle surfaces. As long as the shingles are a basic one layer installation, there's no need to pull all the materials off. If homeowners want contractors to inspect the roof deck, however, the entire surface would need to be stripped of all materials. Most homeowners decide on an overlay with the metal panels to reduce labor costs on material removal.

During the estimate process, contractors compare roof square foot load limits to the potential material installation. Although roofs can hold a considerable amount of weight, contractors must be diligent with their calculations. Metal can be heavy, especially when applied as an overlay with shingles. With the roof's weight limits verified, an installation can proceed with safety as a top priority.

Homeowners will notice that metal panels cannot be installed with nails.

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Contractors use specialized screws to affix panels to the deck and joists. Although roofers normally use power tools, adding the screws to the panels takes considerable time compared to shingles. If any issues arise, such as rotted joist wood, contractors will need to stop operations and repair the lumber. A strong attachment to the structure is the only way metal installations remain water resistant over the years.

Metal roofs are often standing seam installations. Panels use long, vertical seams as connection points across the roof. These seams are hidden below an aesthetically pleasing cover, allowing the home's curb appeal to shine brightly instead of installed screws. This panel connection strategy also holds the fasteners up above the roof deck surface. If any moisture penetrates the roof system, the fasteners aren't subject to rust and deterioration.

Homeowners may notice a higher labor charge for metal installations. This value shouldn't worry residents because the cost is spread out across 50 years instead of the standard 30 years. Contractors who lower labor costs significantly may not be as experienced as other companies may. Labor rates should always be relatively competitive within the region when reputable workers are installing the materials.

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