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ACI Exteriors offers gutter services including installation, repair, replacement and maintenance. A clean gutter that channels water away from the home helps to protect the roof and house from damage.

When a person is building a new home, ACI Exteriors can install the right gutters for the house. They will pay attention to proper sloping toward downspouts so that water is directed away from the windows, doors, siding and foundation.

With an existing home, the homeowner may need to have gutters repaired or replaced. Gutters can require fixing or replacing due to fallen tree limbs, storm or other damage. They may also be at the end of their life expectancy. Most gutters last 20 to 30 years, depending on care and maintenance and weather conditions in the area. When gutters need repair or replacing, they are at greater risk for clogging due to accumulating debris. Clogged gutters are a fire hazard and place the home at risk for water damage. When a homeowner notices debris accumulating in the gutters, it is time to consider replacement.

It is important that gutters are properly maintained to help maximize their life expectancy. ACI Exteriors provides cleaning services to clear gutters of debris that could result in clogs. Open gutters should be cleaned in the spring after trees bud and drop seed pods and again in the autumn after leaves fall. In some areas, additional cleanings may be required. Cleaning gutters is not an easy task and can be dangerous. It is advisable to let professionals clean the gutters or to install a gutter guard.

ACI Exteriors can install gutter guards for homeowners. Gutter guards can protect the gutter from falling debris while still allowing water to flow to the downspout. Because debris cannot enter the gutter, there is no longer a need for climbing a ladder to clean out the gutter. The initial cost of gutter guards can be recovered during the lifetime of the gutter by elimination of cleaning fees. Even with a gutter guard, it is important to keep the roof clean of falling leaves, twigs and other debris. Particularly with a lower slope, debris should be cleared from the roof using a broom or blower.

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