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Preparing siding correctly is important. The professionals that work with this group always make sure to perform the installation process as carefully as possible in order to add the most value to the home.

To begin, the experts will prepare the area by removing the old siding and cleaning up the exterior surface as thoroughly as possible. They remove all traces of paint, putty and caulking, filling in depressions and dents. They also remove stray nails to have the surface as clean and straight as possible. Once the surface is ready, the professionals will install the underlayment. The most commonly chosen material is foam board, especially for aluminum siding, because of its durability and protective qualities. Professionals will install every sheet straight and aligned to eliminate gaps or points of weakness.

Once these sections have been set, the experts will apply caulking around the doors and windows in order to create a seal. This is vital in preparing the surrounding trim. The trim will need to be measured carefully to fit snug, but the caulking will remove any unwanted breaches in the seal. Professionals will start at the bottom and move to the sides before finally installing the top portion. Installing the trim in this order helps prevent leakage, but some experts opt to use sealants after the trim is set to prevent moisture damage even further.

The siding is designed to hang from the nail strips at their upper sections. Professionals will begin by aligning their strips at the bottom of the siding, making sure to leave plenty of space for expansions. From this point, they will continue setting each strip of siding, interlocking the bottoms of the sheets with the tops, being as thorough in their installation as possible. When they reach windows and doors, professionals will use a circular saw to cut away excess pieces from the siding panels. Applying the siding at the soffit can be difficult with just nails, so they will use gutter seal adhesives to finish their work. Once they are finished, they will clean up the work area, packing away their tools to leave the homeowners to enjoy their new siding.

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