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ACI Exteriors has experienced and professional installers for TPO roofing systems. They will quickly prepare the roof and install the material to ensure that the building is exposed to the elements for the shortest amount of time. Their staff will help the customers decide which material is best and schedule the crews to cause the least disruption to the household.

TPO roofing is a solid sheet material made of rubber. The seams of the material are heat sealed together to form one solid expanse across the roof. This helps eliminate leaks that can occur with other forms of flat roofing. The seal keeps high winds from getting underneath, which could cause damage or completely tear the material off the building.

The roofing is available in white, gray and black. The different colors can help with the energy efficiency of the customer's building. A white roof will reflect the sunlight and help to keep a building cool during the heat of summer. A black roof absorbs the heat and helps to keep it warm if the building has heating problems in the winter.

The rubber material that TPO roofing systems are made of is resistant to most algae, moss and mold that can damage other forms of flat roofing. It is also very flexible, which helps to keep rips and tears from forming. This flexibility also makes the material resistant to impact damage from falling tree branches. It also helps it maintain its coverage as a building moves and settles.

The material is also environmentally friendly. It is one of the few roofing types that is 100 percent recyclable. It contains none of the hazardous materials, such as chlorine, that can be found in other roll roofing. Recycled TPO roofing is often used for the bottom layer of new TPO roofing. This makes the manufacturing process environmentally conscious as well.

The owner of ACI Exteriors has over 20 years experience in the roofing industry. The company has been in business since 2002. The work crews have been trained in the installation process and have years of experience making sure that everything goes smoothly for the customer.

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