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St Louis Roofing: Article About Advantages Of Applying Drip Edges

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Rooftop moisture damage can be one of the biggest concerns that homeowners face. Water damage can be enough to cause tremendous structural damage to the entire roof's deck. In areas that are particularly prone to wind driven rains, correct roofing installations are vital in helping mitigate that damage before it becomes too difficult to handle. St Louis roofing professionals will be able to provide a variety of augmentative installations that can help improve the protective qualities of the homeowner's roof. One of the most highly recommended installations is that of drip edges, which are metal flanges installed underneath the first rows of shingles on the edges of the roof. They are advantageous in several ways, capable of providing a necessary defense against future moisture problems.

Drip edges are designed to support the shingles, guaranteeing that they do not curl down as time goes on. If left unattended, these outer shingles may curl and crack, resulting in water rushing behind the gutter instead of onto it. In particularly bad cases, the shingles may rot and crumble entirely, resulting in clogged downspouts that will need to be cleaned.

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These edges safeguard against such damage, and they can be a good way to protect against rot and warping in wooden fascia, making them invaluable in older and rustic homes.

Additionally, the drip edge can be a good way to cover smaller gaps between the fascia and the rest of the roof's deck. These tiny spaces are critical entry points for rodents, raccoons and other unwanted pests. If animals are given the chance, they will chew their way through this opening and nest in the home's attic, resulting in an infestation that can be expensive to handle. When installed correctly, the drip edge may also eliminate the need for a membrane shield altogether, especially if the installation is tight and thorough.

Finally, the way that drip edges are installed will guarantee that homeowners enjoy proper gutter functionality. In addition to protecting the shingles from curling into the gutter, which reduces the efficiency of both of those systems, drip edges guarantee that the gutter fastenings are protected. With a drip edge, the homeowner can rest easy knowing that the water will flow as intended into the gutters and downspouts. This may be a necessary step in waterproofing the roof's surface, especially when made with durable materials. These installations can be inexpensive alternatives to other waterproofing methods that may take more time and effort.

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