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TPO roofing, also known as thermoplastic polyolefin roofing, is a popular choice as an ecologically responsible, economical and durable roofing material. When comparing roofing options, many homeowners opt for TPO, especially for buildings with relatively flat roofs. When weighing St Louis roofing options, homeowners often find that TPO meets their needs and offers good value in relationship to its overall cost.

Thermoplastic polyolefin is a single ply roofing material that can be attached to the roof either through full adhesion, mechanical fasteners or ballasts. Since TPO does not contain any plasticizers, it has been embraced by the green building sector as a relatively inexpensive method of ecologically sound roofing. In addition, years of UV radiation do not cause TPO to degrade as can happen with some of the less green roofing materials.

When weighing roofing materials, homeowners are most likely to compare TPO against EPDM, or ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber. Another single-ply form of roofing, EPDM is typically valued for its low cost and ease of installation. However, compared with EPDM roofing, TPO roofing boasts a higher seam strength. Some trials demonstrate that TPO roofs have seams three to four times as strong as EPDM roofs. In addition, TPO is widely praised for its environmentally responsible profile. It can be fully recycled without giving off any chemical byproducts.

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By contrast, EPDM is rarely considered a green form of roofing.

One of the most popular forms of TPO is FTPO or flexible thermo polyolefin. Chemically, FTPO has more in common with rubbers than with plastics. However, compared with rubber, FTPO has stronger seams, making it easier to affix together. In addition, FTPO's flexibility means that it is difficult to tear or puncture. Given the durability as well as the environmentally friendly profile of the material, it is hardly surprising that more FTPO roofing is sold in the U.S. than all the other types of flat roof material combined.

TPO is typically available in white, grey and black. Homeowners may choose color for aesthetics or with energy costs in mind. In climates with warm summers, white roofing material is widely used because it can reduce the risk of a home overheating on sunny days.

Since TPO is widely used for flat roofs, it has gained widespread use in commercial and industrial construction as well as residential roofing. Particularly in locations with relatively mild snowfall or precipitation, flat roofs offer an economical and attractive design. Among the flat roof options, TPO stands out as a practical and economical option.

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