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Gutters are an extremely important part of the roof on any structure. If the gutters leak or do not carry water far enough away from the outside walls of a structure, mold will develop and the foundation will eventually become saturated. This can lead to paint peeling and, in some cases, even wet attics.

The most popular type of gutter material used in St Louis roofing is aluminum. Gutters made from aluminum are installed in sections. In general, a section can't be any longer than 50 feet before problems develop because heat and cold cycles cause lengths of gutter to expand and contract. The possibility of leaks always exists where sections of a gutter are joined together.

The most common style of aluminum gutter is the five inch wide K style gutter. The other common style is five inch half round. Aluminum gutters in both the K style and the half round style can also be six inches wide to maximize drainage.

Before aluminum gutters are installed, the watershed area of a roof is calculated. This is done using a formula that takes into account both area and rainfall intensity. Based on the watershed area, decisions about the width, length and downspouts of the gutters can be made.

Seamless gutters are designed not to leak.

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Sections are generally created on site in special forming trucks or trailers to specific lengths from flat aluminum stock. Sections can also be purchased at lumberyards or hardware stores pre made to standard lengths. Pre made gutter sections are generally sold in lengths of 10 or 20 feet and must be joined on site using rivets at the joints and silicone caulking.

Aluminum guttering normally costs around three dollars per pound. The two standard weights it is sold at are 0.028 pounds per inch and 0.032 pounds per inch. The heavier the material, the harder it is to dent, and the better it will hold snow and ice provided it is fastened to the roof securely.

Aluminum guttering is pre painted. The most common color is white. Other colors are available but may cost more. Mobile aluminum gutter machines usually only produce white guttering. The paint will fade over time, but the gutter may still be functional. Faded aluminum gutters that are over 30 years old are common. Simply repainting such aging aluminum gutters is often cheaper than replacing them.

Despite how well the gutters themselves work, they must be able to carry water away from the foundation of the structure. Pipes and gutter drains can both help accomplish this.

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