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St Louis Roofing: Article About Are Flat Roofs A Good Idea?

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While there aren't too many architectural styles that purposely use flat roofs, they aren't as outdated as they used to be. When homeowners are considering whether to put a pitched roof or a flat roof on their home, there are a few things to consider before making the decision. They should consult with their St Louis roofing professionals as well as do their own research on what's right for their home.

Flat roofs are more commonly found in the western and southwestern states because of the climates found there. Flat roofs fare better in areas without heavy precipitation because the architecture won't support heavy loads of snow or standing water. The startup cost of installing a flat roof is fairly cheap because there is less surface area than on a sloped roof. There's also less engineering involved because there aren't any trusses or rafters to construct, which means less materials and labor costs. If the home has limited outdoor living space, flat roofs can provide extra living space as a rooftop deck or patio. For homeowners who like to do most of their own home improvements, flat roofs are easier to inspect because they aren't sloped and are easier to walk on.

If a flat roof sounds like something a homeowner is interested in, it's important to recognize the potential downsides as well.

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The biggest one is that it does require more maintenance than a pitched roof does. Because water can't naturally roll off a flat area, it can start to stand on the roof, leading to potential structural issues if the weight of the water becomes too great. Debris can also accumulate and quickly clog the roof's drainage system, leading to excess water sitting on the roof. This alone means that flat roofs shouldn't be used in climates with heavy rainfall because of the potential for significant amounts of standing water and ensuing leaks.

When a homeowner chooses to build a home with a flat roof, their biggest obstacle will be guaranteeing their roof is properly sealed at all times. If this step is skipped or performed sporadically, the roof won't last as long, requiring more frequent replacement than necessary. Most roofing experts agree that an ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber membrane system is the best sealant for the roof. It not only adds waterproofing, it makes the roof stronger. A flat roof should be recoated every few years to prevent leaking and ensure there aren't any structural issues.

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