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When weighing the pros and cons of various commercial roofing options, preventing unnecessary expenses takes top priority. Whether the goal is to make a few repairs, upgrade to something more efficient or install a completely new roof, business owners need to be cautious when selecting a local St Louis roofing company for their project, as well as, choosing the right roof material.

Incorporating regular roof inspections into a business budget is essential to avoid incurring extensive damage and higher roofing costs in the long term, especially for those who live in stormy climates. Although commercial roofing materials are durable and can withstand environmental extremes, getting the necessary repairs completed results in improved performance and lower overall costs.

Commercial roofs are usually made of various metals such as aluminum or steel, but rubber, fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic, pre-cast concrete and other single-ply membranes are quickly growing in popularity. For flat roof applications, spray-on polyurethane foam is the most recent newcomer to the commercial roofing industry, but its use is still relatively rare.

For those who want to squeeze a few more years out of their existing roofs, there are several silicone coating systems that can be applied.

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A great defense against pooling water, these short-term coatings also have reflective qualities that can cut energy costs while business owners secure the necessary funds for a long-term solution. These coatings don't have to be removed when a new roof is applied.

Typical membrane options include built-up roofing systems (BUR), modified bitumen, PVC and single-ply EDPM roofs. A built-up system is extremely common due to its low cost and attractive appearance. Built of many layers, BUR roofs offer fantastic insulating properties but can be quite heavy and often require joist reinforcement, increasing construction costs.

Modified bitumen is a peel-and-stick material that adheres to the roof as it's rolled out. Modified bitumen is made of an environmentally friendly, reflective material that cuts energy costs. However, the material is quite fragile and will scuff and tear easily. In areas where hail is common, bitumen isn't the best choice.

PVC is durable and resists water ponding, which is similar to spray-on coatings. Applied in rolls, PVC has seams that must be expertly handled by a highly qualified roofing contractor to avoid future leaks. EPDM roofing is a rubber compound that's also applied in rolls, so the seams must be treated with an adhesive as well.

Many business owners choose metal for its durability and lower maintenance costs. While a metal roof will cost more to initially install, it requires less maintenance, resulting in lower overall costs than other roofing materials.

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