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When it is time to invest in a new roof, it is never a good idea for a homeowner to make an impulsive decision based solely on price, design or color. There are other considerations that contribute to everything from total investment and potential resale value to the cosmetic appearance and overall durability. Understanding each of these determining factors can also make a homeowner feel more confident about discussing their new roofing needs when they contact a St Louis Roofing professional for an estimate.

Everything comes down to how much a homeowner is able to invest, but once the numbers have been crunched, it is time to get to work. It is important for homeowners to continue to keep in mind how each ensuing decision will affect both the total cost and desired outcome.

The size, shape and condition of a roof can have a major impact on labor costs. For instance, if the home is a simple new construction ranch, it will likely involve less labor than an older roof. This is especially true if all of the existing materials need to be fully stripped off. If the older roof is in extremely bad condition, the underlying dock may reveal structural damage that necessitates further repair or replacement. More complicated installations are yet another area that affect the bottom line.

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This is often seen when a roof has more than one type of pitch transition, such as a gabled roof.

Design may seem like it should be the easiest of all decisions, but this can be tricky for many homeowners too. Selecting a style, texture and color that not only complements their home, but also relates well to similar homes in the neighborhood is not as easy as it sounds. It is also necessary to take into consideration how the climate of the area will affect the weight, durability or type of each roofing material. Everything from extremes of hot and cold weather, heavy snow or high winds can make some materials highly impractical in certain areas.

With all of these factors in mind, the homeowner now has a fuller picture to guide them in making the most appropriate selection of materials for their new roof. Materials range from inexpensive, easily installed asphalt shingles to very durable and costly slate roofs that require special installation skills. Contacting a knowledgeable roofer in St. Louis can make it easier for a homeowner to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of roof, so they can make their final selection with confidence.

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