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St Louis Roofing: Article About Clay Versus Concrete Tiles For Roofs

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Clay and concrete tiles are two of the most common roofing materials to use on residential roofs for their longevity and high level of durability. When installing a new roof, many homeowners must decide between the two products to enhance the quality of their property. To understand the difference between clay and concrete tiles, there are a few factors to consider with the help of a St Louis roofing company.

Concrete tiles are constructed out of a mixture of sand, water and cement before they're molded in heat. This makes them resistant to fire, wind and hail, which makes them ideal for different types of climates. Clay tiles are molded out of clay and are available in brown, yellow and orange shades.

Clay tiles are considered to be more attractive than concrete tiles and can increase the curb appeal of residential homes. This can make the property easier to sell in future years due to the high-end style of the building.

The price between clay and concrete tiles is significant due to the differences in each material. Clay tiles cost an average of 30 percent more than concrete tiles and are $10 to $15 per square foot, which often includes installation. The installation process of concrete tiles may cost more due to the heavy weight of the product, which can be more difficult to transport to the property.

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Concrete tiles are also less prone to blow offs due to their heavy weight.

The lifespan of each product also differs, with clay tiles lasting an average of 100 years and concrete tiles lasting 30 to 50 years on most homes. Although clay tiles may be more expensive, many homeowners prefer to install a roof that will not need to be replaced during their lifetime if they plan to live in the house long-term.

Clay tiles are also known to be more colorfast than concrete tiles and will maintain their appearance for several decades due to their nonporous finish. Color-thru technology is used to construct concrete tiles, but this does not allow the material to remain as vibrant with its color over the years. This can cause stains to develop easily on the surface of the material.

Those who live in cold climates can benefit more from concrete tiles, which can maintain their durability in freezing temperatures. Clay tiles are prone to cracking or shattering in low temperatures, which makes them more susceptible to damage in certain climates or weather conditions.

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