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When it's time to install a new roof, the materials used are one of the most important decisions for homeowners to make. The roofing materials will ultimately determine the lifespan of the structure and the number of repairs that are needed throughout the year. To determine the best type of roof to install, there are a few options to consider with the help of an expert St Louis roofing company.

Metal roofs continue to increase in popularity for their ability to reflect UV rays and the different styles that are available. The product is extremely durable and does not easily dent or wear in harsh weather conditions. Metal roofs are often constructed out of steel or aluminum materials and can be recycled to avoid contributing more waste to landfills for an eco-friendly option. The lifespan of the material is also favored by homeowners as it can last an average of 50 years.

Slate roofs are known as the most durable type of roofing material available and is constructed out of natural rock. Slate has an average lifespan of 100 to 200 years and does not break or crack easily when walked on during a home inspection or when performing repairs.

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The material is extremely thick and durable, which allows it to insulate the home and reduce the cost of energy for homeowners.

Wood shakes are a popular option for those who have classic homes and want to increase the architectural appeal of the property. Wood shingles are extremely wind resistant and do not grow moss or fungus if they're constructed out of cedar. The material is lightweight and easy to transport and install. They are also easy to add onto roofs that are complex and have multiple valleys or eaves.

Clay tiles are another option and have been used for several centuries on different types of buildings. The material is ideal in warm climates due to their heat resistance and ability to insulate interior settings. Clay tiles are also popular for their attractive design and their durability. They do not fade with frequent sun exposure, which makes it easy to replace tiles that become broken to ensure that they match the rest of the older tiles that are installed.

Terra cotta panels are also available and weigh less, which makes them easy to transport and install. They are also available at a lower cost and do not fade when exposed to sunlight for several years. Terra cotta panels mimic the design of clay tiles and are constructed out of steel with a clay coating.

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