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St Louis Roofing: Article About Common Types Of Rolled Roofing

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Rolled roofing can be an excellent way to provide homeowners with a budget friendly roofing system. It can be a viable alternative to traditional roofing shingles and tiles, and many St Louis roofing manufacturers focus on using durable and reliable materials for every installation, but most do not deviate from standard component formulas that have already been used with asphalt shingles, such as tar, felt and asphalt. While the core system is the same, homeowners will have a variety of roofing surfaces to choose from for their roll roofing installation.

One of the primary options available is a roofing surface with a smooth finish. It is made with organic felt that has been saturated with hot asphalt, which gives it its strong and stiff texture. Manufacturers will then coat either one or both sides of the material with a very fine powder to give it a smoother and more even finish. Talc and mica are the most commonly chosen minerals for this application. Usually, however, the smooth surface does not provide much protection from weather damage.

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It is a very affordable option and can be an excellent primary system for lower sloped buildings that do not regularly experience rainfall, but for more turbulent regions, a sturdier finish may be required.

Another option that homeowners may consider is a mineral finish for their roll roofing. These materials often feature a much higher degree of durability and strength, which can vary according to the material that it is coated with. Manufacturers will usually produce materials with fiberglass or organic felt that is then saturated in hot asphalt and coated with larger granules of rocks and minerals. These granules allow this roofing system to be applied to a wide variety of homes. A coarser roll roofing installation can help protect against moisture, wind and other weather based wear.

Finally, homeowners may consider a simple saturated felt option as a supplementary system. Because these systems are not coated or treated extensively, they are only good for use as an underlayment application to be used with other materials. It is made in the same way as other standard asphalt roll roofing products, but it is not coated with any materials to provide an additional degree of protection. Its presence under the roof can be a good way to further safeguard against moisture damage. When it is matched with a flashing system and a reliable shingle installation, the home's roof will become extremely resistant to water damage.

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