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Installing a new roof can be exhausting for home or business owners. There are several St Louis roofing companies that offer suggestions to make this transition easier, and choosing the right type of shingle is one of them. There are a variety of shingles to choose from to ensure the home or business owner finds the right material for the property.

Because there are a variety of shingles, there are a few determining factors that clients should be familiar with including budget, style and climate. Choosing the right shingle can make or break the appearance of a home or business. Purchasing cheaper shingles to save on the cost of the repair might cost more in the future because the shingles will not last as long.

A roof is a vital part of a building, so having a budget will help provide a roof that will last for years. If a home or business owner needs a roof replacement, there are a few factors that will determine cost. The larger the building, the more the cost will be. Another factor is the height and pitch. The higher and steeper the building is, the tougher it is for contractors to have a safe environment. If a contractor has to remove old shingles prior to putting on a new roof, this is also added to the budget.

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If a new roof is added directly onto the old roof, the house may not be able to sustain the extra weight.

There are a variety of styles to choose from when replacing a roof with new shingles. Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used because they are less expensive than the other styles. However, this usually leads to a relatively short lifespan, lasting between 20-30 years. Wood shingles are a more popular style because they give a building excellent curb appeal. Because they are more popular, they tend to be more expensive. Natural wood such as cedar or redwood can last between 30-50 years.

Climate also plays a role in determining the right type of shingle to purchase. Excessive heat, humidity and windy conditions are a few conditions that should be considered when choosing the style of shingles for a new roof. Asphalt is a common choice because these shingles are inexpensive and durable. Metal roofs are also popular because they protect against storm damage such as hail and high wind. Clay roofing shingles help reduce the heat on the interior and are wind resistant.

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