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St Louis Roofing: Article About Different Types Of Asphalt Shingles

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Because of how easy they are to install and how affordable they can be for initial roofing purchases, asphalt shingles are the most popular rooftop option in the country. St Louis roofing experts, in particular, will recommend a good asphalt shingle installation to take care of all basic homeowner roofing needs. While there are many advantages that come with the installation of these shingles, they encompass a relatively large field of products. It is recommended for all interested customers to explore their options and choose the appropriate asphalt shingles to safeguard their rooftops against all types of damage.

One of the biggest deciding factors in the way that the shingles are marketed and installed are the granules embedded in the asphalt coating itself. These granules can provide shingles with a variety of stylish options while serving a necessary functional purpose. Many different types of granules may be set on the shingle's surface, ranging from ceramic to zinc. Specialized metal dustings and options are designed to prevent algae from growing on the roof's surface. All granules, no matter their size, are made to create a more weatherproof roofing system. The resistance that these coatings provide will typically vary from application to application, and homeowners are strongly encouraged to think about how they will need to prepare for their local humidity and weather with the right surface selection.

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If the homeowner does not have any particularly pressing concerns in terms of weather and corrosion, then they may choose to invest in simple three tab shingles. These are highly renowned for their affordability, as they are the least expensive of all asphalt shingle options. They are usually available in organic felt and fiberglass base varieties, with more modern installations utilizing the fiberglass options for their advantages.

One of the fastest rising varieties of asphalt shingles are known as laminated shingles. These may also be called dimensional or architectural shingles, and they are designed to give rooftops a more textured appearance. They are made by fusing together two or more sheets of shingles, creating a three dimensional look. Because these options frequently feature several structural advantages, most new buildings will opt to install these shingles as their primary roofing systems. They are much more durable against the cold and wind, and they are designed to resist moisture much better as well. With the right flashing installation, these shingles will be able to protect the home from the most severe forms of moisture damage.

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