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Roof leaks are common problems for American home and business owners, costing millions of dollars in damage every single year. Knowing how best to prevent and cure them is a nonnegotiable necessity for every homeowner.

For most people, the most practical option is to hire an experienced roofing contractor to eliminate existing leaks, prevent new ones or even just to inspect an older roof that is feared to have some weak spots. In the long run, the cost of not addressing leak trouble will far exceed the cost of repairs and new roofing. Some St Louis roofing contractors will offer free estimates, senior discounts and other incentives to cut down further on the expense.

One common cause of a leaking roof is a lack of adequate flashing, caulk and tar around chimneys and vents. Other times, it is a matter of a misplaced nail, deteriorated substrate paper or a blown off shingle. These sorts of problems can arise due to poor installation, old or low quality roofing material, or ferocious weather patterns.

Another common roof problem is an ice dam. Certain varieties of modern roofing, like PVC and TPO, are not vulnerable to ice damming, but asphalt bitumen shingles are notorious for causing this problem. When a heavy snow is followed up immediately by a cold freeze, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the house widens, and ice dams ring the roof's edges.

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This backs up water from melting snow, which then finds its way into the home.

While a new roof may sometimes be needed, in other cases, it is only a special problem area that needs to be patched up. Finding the exact location of a leak is often a task only a professional can accomplish. Matching roofing material, roof repair fabric, caulk and heavy duty tar may be needed to ensure the leak will not simply return a few months later.

Another major factor to consider is the level of insulation and ventilation in the attic. By installing new roof vents and adding further insulation, ice dams and other roofing problems are minimized.

Ignoring a roof leak only gives it time to fester and grow. The longer homeowners wait, the more damage will be done. Rotted plywood and fascia boards, water stained ceilings, mildew laden drywall and sagging gutters can all result from ongoing roof leaks.

Professional roofers can install waterproof roof membranes, repair trouble spots, replace rotted out roof plywood and minimize the chances of ice damming.

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