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Sustainable roofing options are an important aspect to consider when deciding which commercial roof system gives business owners the long-term performance they need. EPDM membrane systems have a good reputation when it comes to withstanding extreme weather conditions. When properly installed by a qualified, trustworthy St Louis roofing company, these state-of-the-art systems can provide excellent performance after 30 years or more.

In fact, if properly cared for, many EPDM roofs continue to work almost as well as newly manufactured membranes. This is due to their elastomeric compound, constructed to resist a wide variety of environmental assaults. Ozone, ultraviolet rays, abrasion and weather have very little effect on these membranes. Even the environmental temperature doesn't seem to affect its flexibility. An EPDM roof won't turn brittle in the cold, which makes it crack-resistant and a good choice for stormy geographical areas.

Since the membrane is smooth rather than coated with asphalt granules, the material sustains very little loss in thickness over the years. It holds up well to wet weather, making it great for flat-roof applications.

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Unlike built-up roofing, there is no organic matter in the material to break down over time, so leaks are easy to contain and repair provided the business owner takes regular roof inspections seriously.

Available in various widths and lengths, requiring different fastening techniques, narrow widths are seamless, increasing water-tight performance since fewer T-joints will be required overall. The fewer seams a roof has, the lower the potential for eventual leaks. While general maintenance tasks such as keeping leaves and debris off the roof and regular roof inspections are essential to improve the roof's lifespan, no additional coatings or surface treatments will be necessary.

The biggest problem with EPDM roof performance will be the flashing, tapes and adhesives applied during the installation process. These items don't respond well to colder temperatures and other environmental concerns like hail storms, so they will need to be regularly inspected and repaired as needed. Severe wind has a tendency to get up underneath the flashing, and if it is not secured tightly, water can work its way under the membrane as well.

Overall, an EPDM roof provides value for business owners looking for a long-term solution to their roofing needs, especially for those with a low-slope commercial roof. Manufacturer guarantees will vary from five years up to 20 years, but premium coverage of up to 30 years can often be negotiated with regular roof inspections and quick repairs being essential for continued coverage.

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