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St Louis Roofing: Article About Estimating A Roof's Age

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When homeowners purchase a used home, one component that they should concern themselves with is the condition and age of the roof. In some cases, the age can be supplied by the seller; however, if there is no documentation, the new homeowners could later find that the upkeep on the roof was not done properly, that the roof was older than what it was estimated to be or that the old homeowners installed a second asphalt roof over the first. In these cases, new homeowners could find themselves replacing their roofs directly after making their big investment.

Unfortunately, there is no real way to determine the true age of a roof if the documentation no longer exists. Instead, roofers may do their best to inspect the roof condition in order to make an estimate regarding how long before the home may need a new roof. There are certain signs that a St Louis roofing contractor may look for during a roof inspection. Some of these signs may also be identified by an individual searching for a new home.

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One of the biggest signs that indicate that the roof will need to be replaced sooner rather than later is if the roof has bald spots. These bald spots may be caused by missing or broken shingles and missing granules. As the roof ages, the shingles or protective granules may become loose during heavy winds or rainstorms.

In some cases, the roof shingles may begin to curl upward or even buckle. Like bald spots, this type of shingle damage may potentially be seen from the ground. Distortions of the shingles could be an indication that the water has gotten underneath the shingles; this could mean that the roof may be leaking.

Finally, flashing that has been damaged or is showing signs of rust can also be an indicator that the roof will need some work. Homeowners should be on the lookout for damaged flashing in the roof valleys, around chimneys and around skylights. If the flashing is not sitting flat, the roof may also have a problem with water.

Because the roof is such an important component of a home and purchasing a home is a huge investment, potential homeowners should pay special attention to the condition of the roof. If they are able, it is recommended that potential homeowners have a professional roofer come out to the property to inspect the roof before the homeowners make a decision.

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