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There are a number of important factors that are involved in determining which roofing material and contractor are most affordable. In reality, cost effectiveness, rather than mere low price, should be the desired target. Some of the factors that improve the benefit and lower the cost of new roofing are looked at briefly below.

The initial cost of installation and materials are, of course, quite important to find affordability. Look for a competitively priced contractor and for special discounts and offers. For example, it is possible to find a St Louis roofing company with free estimates, a 10 percent senior discount and valuable, extensive warranties.

If new siding or gutter installation can be scheduled simultaneous to new roofing, the logistics will work in the homeowner's favor. Many contractors perform all three of these services, and the use of a single company to do all three tasks will often render significant savings.

Many new roofing materials will help to lower interior temperatures during summer and provide lower energy bills as well. Energy efficiency brings ongoing savings rather than a one time event, which makes a roof more cost effective than its upfront price may seem.

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It is important to use a material with low maintenance needs, if possible. Some will wish to use cedar shakes for their beauty, but these are a high maintenance type of roofing. Asphalt shingles are moderate in maintenance demands but low in cost. Sheet metal, thermoplastics and concrete tiles cost more than asphalt but require little to no maintenance. It is not that one type of roofing should simply be used by everyone, but one should be aware of how the initial cost and later repair costs will likely compare for each type.

Durability can also be just as important as maintenance needs. The lower maintenance materials also tend to be the longer lasting ones. Nonetheless, the number of years a roof lasts is a factor distinct from how much it will cost to maintain along the way.

These factors must be taken into account, but each will weigh heavier for some than for others. If the initial cost is too high, affordability will be lost, but the cheapest roof is not always the most cost effective roof either. One must add initial cost to maintenance expenses, subtract energy savings and then divide by years of expected use. That is the essential formula for finding the most affordable and cost effective new roofing.

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