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St Louis Roofing: Article About Fixing A Roof With Double Shingles

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Although there are certainly circumstances where it will be necessary to remove an entire roof and replace it, there are many times when a damaged or aged roof may simply be reinforced, bolstered or repaired. One of the major advantages of modern St Louis roofing technology is its modularity. Many materials have been designed so that roofers can fix one specific part of the roof at a time, leaving the rest the house safe and dry while the area in question is under construction.

This means that even severe trauma to the roof, such as that caused by a falling branch or a windstorm, may be repaired only in the locations affected while the remainder of the roof continues as normal. Naturally, the entire structure should be inspected carefully as it is possible that damage in one place may have caused damage in others. However, it is not unusual for the underlying structure of the roof to remain in perfect working order even after major trauma.

If there are only one or two places in the roof that have sustained damage, then it may be possible to repair only the injured faces.

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The first thing to do is to remove all damaged roofing material, revealing any issues that may be hiding beneath. Any shingles, flashing, roof beams, decking or other material that has been hurt by the elements should be precisely cut away and properly replaced.

After that, it only remains to rebuild the roof in the new and appropriate fashion. Once the affected area has been repaired and recovered, there will be several options to complete the job. Sometimes, a roof repair will be finished by simply adding another layer of shingles to the roof. If the roof structure is sturdy enough to support the weight of the second layer of material comfortably, then a double shingle roof may be an excellent option. It will only improve the insulating and waterproofing qualities of the roof to have two layers of shingles up on it, and this option brings with it no particular vulnerabilities or additional risks. The only difficulty is that, when installing the second layer of shingles, it is essential to use different nails. In order for the roofing nails to find purchase through the two layers of asphalt shingles to the roofing surface below, they must be approximately twice as long. The nail gun or other fastening device used may have to be adjusted to accommodate these specific nail types.

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