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Flat roofs require more careful maintenance than sloped roofs because debris can't slide off of them and instead sits in place. Organic matter will begin to rot, and moisture can pool, leading to weak spots and leaks. The good news is that flat roofs are generally much safer to work on than sloped roofs, which makes them easier to keep clean and clear of debris. A professional St Louis roofing company offers the following tips on flat roof maintenance best practices.

The most important aspect of flat roof upkeep is making sure that drains and scuppers stay clear of debris. If they become clogged, water will become trapped on the roof. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests, and it can also lead to leaks. In addition to keeping these critical areas free of debris all year long, it's also a good idea to regularly remove any materials that have collected all over the roof.

It's especially important to sweep away dead leaves in the fall. These leaves will begin to decompose, eventually turning into mulch over the winter months. If leaves are allowed to decompose, they can become fertile, attractive soil for plants the following spring.

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The presence of matter on the roof isn't the only thing to look for during flat roof maintenance. Other hazards include cracked caulking around flashing and tree branches that could potentially scrape the roof's surface. When removing debris, also keep an eye out for these kinds of issues.

You should also be on the lookout for other signs of damage. Blistering, which happens when air gets trapped between the roof layers, can eventually lead to a large puncture. Dips in the roof surrounded by water staining can indicate that water is being trapped on the roof even if none was spotted during maintenance. Splitting in the roofing material can be caused by many things, including changing temperatures, standing water or damage caused by walking on the roof.

If large splits or cracks are present on the roof, a roofing professional may need to take a look. Smaller worn spots or punctures don't necessarily require professional attention, and many home improvement stores sell kits that can be used to patch these spots.

Damage to a flat roof is hard to see from on the ground. Inspecting the roof from time to time is the best way to spot debris, standing water and any signs of damage from weather and wear. Maintenance on a flat roof is more critical than for its sloped counterparts, but it can also be easier and safer.

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