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Gutters keep water away from a home's foundation and prevent potential leaks and structural damage. However, gutters collect more than just rainwater runoff. Gutters are a catchall for falling leaves, small branches and anything else that makes it to roof level, such as insects and balls thrown too high. Gutters full of debris are ineffective and may suffer damage under all that extra weight. How often should you clean gutters and what damage should you look for? An experienced St Louis roofing company will understand the importance of clean and properly working gutters, and can help guide you through cleaning, maintenance and repairs when needed.

Because your gutters are above eye level, you won't see all the debris clogging them. Just accept that something is in the gutters that needs removing and schedule your regular gutter cleanings. Clean once in autumn after leaves fall off the trees and once in the spring. Some gutters need more frequent cleaning, such as those on houses where trees hang over the roof. Houses downhill from other homes may pick up extra debris and need additional gutter cleaning. Also, after a big storm, gutters are likely to have a buildup of twigs, branches and leaves.

Start cleaning your gutters by wearing gloves, goggles and a dust mask.

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Be sure to use a sturdy ladder. Scoop the debris out by hand or with a garden trowel. Then, rinse gutters with a garden hose. Finally, use the hose to run water through the downspouts to clean out any debris.

While cleaning, look for any damage to gutters. An obvious sign is gutters are sagging or not attached to the roof line. Other damage includes any cracks or splits and any paint peeling on or near gutters. If you see orange flecks, it indicates rust. Rust means water is staying and not draining. Other signs that water is not draining include water marks or water damage under the gutters. Near the foundation, check for water pooling and any mildew.

If water can't flow through gutters, it flows over them. This leads to soil erosion, leaks, damage to soffits, wood rot and other problems. Gutters work hard, but they can't work properly without maintenance. Broomall residents planning to clean their gutters should put safety first, using gloves and other protective gear. Also, make sure the ladder used is durable in a stable position. Residents can also choose to have a roofing professional clean the gutters for them.

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