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St Louis Roofing: Article About How To Inspect A Flat Rooftop

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Flat roofing systems are some of the most common options available for homeowners to install on their property. Though they are often chosen for residential installations, they are among the most common structural types chosen for commercial applications as well. After the roof is installed, business owners want to make sure that they get the most out of their roofing system before they call roofers again. Whether an EPDM or PVC system, customers can follow a relatively simple series of guidelines to make sure that their St Louis roofing system is not damaged. This can be a great way to save money on future repairs.

Before getting up on the roof, it is recommended for all clients to perform a quick indoor inspection. This is usually the first part of the inspection process because it can be a telling way to stop moisture damage early before even getting up on the roof. Performing indoor inspections is as easy as checking each room of the building individually. If there is an attic section, business owners should head there and make sure that there are no obvious signs of moisture damage.

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Some of the most common causes of leaks include burst pipes and sections of ponding after a recent storm.

After the interior of the property is inspected, users should also be sure to check out the exterior of their rooftop. This rooftop inspection involves getting onto the surface of the roof and looking out for signs of damage. Some of the most common problems that could occur up on the roof include cracks, bubbles and pooled water. While walking, individuals should be sure to place their weight on each foot carefully to avoid damaging the roof's surface. Improper inspection techniques can often be problematic enough to cause further damage to the roofing system, especially if the surface is already fairly old.

Finally, once all of the surface elements have been inspected, individuals are encouraged to check out other components of the roof, such as the sections of penetration and seals. If there is a satellite dish or air conditioning unit present on the roof's surface, owners should check out the flashings around these sections to make sure that they are not damaged or in bad shape. If there are broken flashings or seams between different materials, owners often stand a better chance of getting their roofing systems repaired by calling professionals before the roof takes on too much damage.

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