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Roof penetrations are any items sticking out of the rooftop's surface, including skylights, chimneys and pipe vents. When St Louis roofing professionals inspect a home, they look carefully at all penetrations, and specific deterioration clues tell them when repair or replacement is necessary for a property.

Vent pipes allow exhaust to exit the home in a safe manner. These pipes usually have a heavy duty rubber boot surrounding their base, sealing their transition point with the rooftop. This boot deteriorates over time, so contractors must inspect it carefully. They'll look for any cracks or materials breaking off the boot. Any visible deterioration makes the boot a prime candidate for replacement. A brand new boot gives the penetration new life and protection against leaks.

Flashing is the most common roofing component beside shingles. This metal material is used at almost all transitions and edges, creating a strong surface against water saturation. With time comes slow metal deterioration. Flashing will eventually rust or even bend out of shape. Contractors can secure bent flashing, but rusty pieces should be replaced. Even if rust is scraped off, it can return and weaken the metal.

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Bad flashing eventually gives water a chance to seep beneath it and into wood decking.

Improper flashing installation is common around chimneys when inexperienced contractors handle the job. When experienced roofers see poor flashing around the chimney, they will suggest a new metal installation. Flashing cannot be pressed against brick and sealed. The design must incorporate counter flashing concealing step flashing below. This professional installation gives the chimney a seamless appearance at its transition point with the rooftop as well as water damage protection. It's beneficial for homeowners to consider a new flashing installation to keep the structure as sound as possible.

Caulk is often used across the rooftop in strategic areas. This sealant conforms within crevices and protects areas from leaks. It does degrade over time, so contractors must locate, remove and replace caulk as needed across the rooftop. This repair shouldn't be too costly because it's minor labor when a roof is cared for consistently. Allowing caulk to break down without regular maintenance only creates leaks into the structure.

Homeowners often call roof inspectors when they're contemplating a home sale. These inspectors give the rooftop a thorough evaluation with written documentation about their findings afterward. Residents shouldn't confuse these professionals with roofing contractors, however. Inspectors merely create an evaluation, but cannot fix the discovered problems.

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