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A common landscaping choice is to surround a home with tall trees and dense bushes. The overhanging branches can be a source of organic debris that eventually accumulates in gutters, however. If a tree is taller than the rooftop surface, debris filters into gutters and subsequently blocks them. When St Louis roofing professionals visit a property for preventive maintenance, they always check the gutters for any clogs. Homes with frequent clogs should have gutter guards installed to keep most items out of the system.

Gutter guards are meant to filter out large debris and allow water into the system for drainage to the ground. Leaves and twigs are common items that cannot enter gutter systems with properly installed guards. However, homeowners must know that smaller items can still filter through mesh openings, such as pine needles and seeds. Contractors should verify common items contributing to gutter blockages before suggesting a guard type.

With the proper gutter guard selected, contractors cut the mesh to size. They'll measure the gutters' lengths and widths for a perfect fit. All gutter models have some variations regarding size due to roof pitch. Wider gutters protect structures with steeper slopes, for instance.

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These dimensions give contractors a starting point to install the guards as precisely as possible.

Attaching guards requires considerable evaluation of the gutter system's design. Some systems have smooth edges where glue attachment is the only installation solution. Other models have enough space to secure the guards with fasteners, especially in areas with high winds. Contractors inspect the gutters and devise a strong installation plan. Clear gutters and consistent preventative maintenance contribute to a healthy rooftop that will last the homeowner many years.

Roofers test the gutter guard system after the installation by simulating debris flowing down the roof with a garden hose. Contractors watch the water flow to see its movement through gutters. Any rooftop debris deflects away from the gutters as the guards perform their critical job. Any problems that arise can be fixed and tested again, so the home has protection against blockages and leaks through all seasons.

Homeowners can take an active role in their household care by inspecting the gutters from the ground. If an end cap appears loose, for example, homeowners can contact roofers for an appointment between scheduled visits. Allowing any gutter components to wear or break down only contributes to accelerated damage at the rooftop and ground level. Homeowners who remain observant about their property can avoid many major problems down the road.

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