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When the upper level of a house is uncomfortably hot, homeowners may assume that there is some sort of a problem with the central air conditioning system. However, the actual issue may be within the roofing materials and insulation rather than with the cooling equipment. After making sure that the air conditioner is working fine, homeowners can consult with a St Louis roofing service to determine if the roof is causing their discomfort.

Inadequate ventilation in the upper level of the home and in the roof are a major cause of summertime discomfort for the residents of a household. When the sun's UV rays hit the roof, the asphalt shingles heat up. This heat permeates through the roof's substructure and makes its way into the attic space or top level of the home. This added heat makes parts of the home uncomfortable, especially for sleeping. The excess heat also makes the air conditioning system work overtime. An improved ventilation system may help to alleviate the excessive summer hot spots in the house. Added gable vents or even an attic fan may provide much needed relief.

Another common cause of too much hot air in the house is insufficient insulation.

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This is especially true for holder homes that were built before energy efficiency was a consideration. If the attic space does not have the U.S. EPA's recommended R value of insulating materials, all of that heat from the sunshine gets right into the home's living spaces. Property owners can have their homes inspected or arrange for an energy audit. This process helps to determine whether there is enough insulation. Adding insulation is a one time cost that often immediately pays off in terms of both comfort and energy savings.

Air leaks are also a cause of too much heat in the house. Leaky spots may develop around the roof, especially near the locations of openings for vents, flues and chimneys. Cracked caulking or loose flashing can make just enough space for hot air to get inside the house. Repairing these roofing problems can solve some of the unwanted air exchange with the outdoors.

The choice of roofing material may also be the cause of too much interior heat. Shingles made from asphalt absorb much of the sun's energy. Black shingles absorb even more of the energy compared to shingles of other colors. When the roof needs to be replaced, homeowners might consider other roofing types such as clay tiles, slate or metal that reflect that heat back into the environment.

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