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Recent developments in the manufacturing of laminated fiberglass shingles have led to high quality roofing products and notable designer appeal. Home renovators are flocking to laminated fiberglass shingles for their durability and design capabilities. Laminated shingles, also known as architectural or dimensional shingles, are pricier than typical asphalt planks, due to their construction and layering process. Thus, architectural shingles are one of the best quality roofing materials on the market.

In the 1980s, fiberglass shingles sold in the upper end price range, often out of reach to homeowners looking for economical roofing products, such as asphalt shingles, who also desired an architectural feel to their home's façade. For example, a multi layered application of the dimensional shingle can produce a textured element resembling a cedar shake. Furthermore, based on the thickness of the shingle, the roofer can layer the planks in various heights to create shadows and offer the impression of hills and valleys. Moreover, based on the installation, laminated fiberglass shingles can hide any deficiencies on the roof's surface.

St Louis roofing professionals can fabricate examples with the dimensional shingles and create the illusion of slate by producing a mesmerizing three dimensional design. In addition, roofers fasten fiberglass shingles the same way as regular asphalt materials, but some architectural shingles have a tab installation that adds security and wind resistance.

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Furthermore, the added asphalt to fiberglass ratio makes the planks highly fire retardant and safer than other roofing products. Likewise, some companies include a rubberized asphalt foundation to the construction of the shingle, which also provides a higher resistance to fires.

Because of their weightier structure, laminated shingles do not warp in wetter climates. Likewise, while regular three tab shingles resist 60 mph winds, most architectural shingles withstand winds at 120 mph. In addition, in areas with higher wind capacities, roofers can use the triple laminate shingles, which are more resilient to weather due to their additional layer of defense.

Although dimensional roofs cost 20 percent more than the average asphalt shingles, the added curb appeal will increase the market price of a home or commercial property and help offset the costs of the premium roof in the end. Furthermore, architectural shingles do not require additional support between the planks and the roof. Therefore, the cost of installation is cheaper than installing sustainable clay tiles. Finally, averaging the value of the laminated shingles over their 50 year guarantee can help in the cost decision.

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