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Since the equipment and skills required resembles those needed for roofing projects, St Louis roofing companies frequently offer siding projects to customers interested in a makeover of their home's exterior. Improved appearance and increased property value and energy efficiency provide some compelling benefits of new siding.

Horizontal siding known as lap siding represents the most popular type in the country. The name comes from the installation method. Starting at the bottom of the house, each additional row or course of siding overlaps the one below to present a surface impervious to penetration by wind and water.

Lap siding made for vertical application exists, but the architectural styles that utilize it occur less frequently. It provides the same benefits as horizontal lap siding.

The highest quality of lap siding is made from fiber cement. Thirty years of use conclusively demonstrates fiber cement's clear superiority over lower quality fiberboard siding made from wood byproducts. Fiber cement does not absorb water, unlike fiberboard products, which can swell, rot and destroy paint finishes.

Manufacturers of top quality lap siding develop their products to adapt to different climate zones. Some feature resistance to wet weather and freezing conditions. Others protect from heat, humidity and siding's worst enemy, blistering sun.

Customers receive a choice of textures.

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Smooth textures or textures that simulate wood grain offers options based mainly on personal preference; otherwise, performance is identical.

A primary consideration involves the choice between primed siding and siding that receives a baked on finish that eliminates the need for painting. The second type costs more by comparison, but over the course of 20 to 30 years, the higher cost at the outset vanishes when the necessity of repainting every seven to 10 years no longer requires consideration.

Maintenance of fiber cement siding with a baked on finish involves nothing other than a spray from a garden house every 6 to 12 months. Mild detergents and a soft brush handle stubborn dirt or stains. Acid washing and high pressure from pressure washers can damage the finish. Another recommendation regarding maintenance to prevent trees and bushes from rubbing against the siding. Installation that avoids coming closer than 6 inches to the bottom row of siding with landscaping materials reduces potential maintenance issues. The construction of many homes and the services of a professional installer covers this necessity.

Considerably denser than fiberboard siding, quieter interior spaces represents one final benefit of fiber cement siding, making it a superb long term investment in a home's comfort and value.

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