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Homeowners often use a single phrase to address an entire category of roofing material. For example, the term "metal roof" describes any roof that is made out of a metallic material. While this is an accurate description, it's misleading because it might indicate that all metal roofs are the same. Just as wood roofs can be made out of various types of trees, metal roofs can be made out of different metals. Knowing the differences between these types of metals can be helpful when hiring a St Louis roofing expert to install a new metal roof or to fix a metallic roof that needs repair.

The two types of metal that are used for roofing most often are steel and aluminum. Both have become popular for different reasons: While steel roofs are sturdier and heavier, aluminum roofs cost less to install and fit better into more homeowners' budgets.

Steel is often coated in zinc to improve its resistance to corrosion and rust. Some manufacturers coat the steel with an epoxy primer to increase its ability to bond with the roofing deck. Many steel roofs have a baked on acrylic resin, which adds not only protection but also color to the roof. The acrylic topcoat allows homeowners to customize their steel roofs any way they wish.

Aluminum is extremely lightweight, which makes it perfect for older residential buildings that are unable to support the weight of steel roofs.

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It doesn't rust, but it can still be painted to alter its appearance. Although this metal is cheaper, it's also extremely soft, so roofs covered in aluminum can be dented easily from hail and foot traffic. Removing these dents is something that has to be done by a trained professional.

Steel and aluminum might be the most commonly used materials, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are the best. Alloy and stainless steel are higher end roofing options. Alloy roofs are a combination of different metals that are formulated to increase durability, strength and appearance. The cost of an alloy roof depends completely on the types of metals that are used in its construction, but they are usually on the pricey side.

Stainless steel roofs are an alternate version of traditional steel roofs but are better in nearly every aspect. They last longer, are stronger and are completely resistant to corrosion and rust. Unlike ordinary steel roofs that need a new coat of zinc every few years, stainless steel roofs require very little maintenance. However, this additional convenience comes with a higher price tag, which is why homeowners more commonly choose the cheaper counterpart.

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