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With both visual appeal and excellent protection provided to any home, a metal roof is truly the best bet available compared to all the options in roofing materials. Over decades and centuries, architecture has changed. With this change, appearances in roofing have been substantial. Metal roofing has become the fastest growing segment of the roofing industry because it is aesthetically pleasing and very durable. Talking to a St Louis roofing contractor is very important to determine the best options available.

Over the last decade, residential property owners have been drawn to metal roofing for many reasons. It is one of the more affordable types of roofing available and lasts about three times as long as asphalt roofing materials. While the asphalt roofing materials are cheaper to install initially, the long term benefits of metal are a home run. Natural products like clay or slate may last longer, but will cost far more to install and maintain.

Another example of the benefits of metal roofing comes in terms of its energy efficiency. While asphalt shingles absorb the rays of the sun, causing the attic to become warmer than necessary, metal roofing reflects these rays away from the roof.

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This saves on electricity costs that add up to considerable savings each month. In addition to the efficiency advantages, metal roofs are much more eco friendly than other roofing materials as well. Metal is a recyclable material, and once the roof is at the end of its life span, the metal can be melted down completely to make new products.

Maintaining a metal roof is much easier than other products. It is considerably more durable and withstands hail, winds, debris and other severe weather. Wood and asphalt shingles will occasionally need to be repaired and replaced. Metal panels and materials are less likely to need this type of repair. The fear of metal materials is usually that they will be extremely loud when raining. While this was once the case with older metal roofing, new metal materials are just as quiet as any other type of roofing.

Roofing on a residential property requires both a beautiful appearance and a high level of protection. Metal roofing looks beautiful and is very versatile because it comes in multiple styles and colors. It is a newer product that has a slick and modern appearance. Talking with a contractor about what type of metal roofing is the best option can be of great benefit to homeowners.

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