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When a shingled roof reaches the end of its lifespan, many homeowners want to update the property with a different material. Metal paneling is becoming one of the most popular roofing choices because of its strength, longevity and streamlined appearance. As St Louis roofing professionals estimate the cost of a replacement project, they should discuss all the details that define metal paneling and its successful installation.

Unlike shingles nailed to a roof deck, metal paneling must be attached to sturdier structural elements. Roof rafters or support beams provide strong connection points for metal materials. Contractors use specialized screws down the metal's length to permanently attach it to the rafters. Screws provide a more secure connection for the materials, and nails could easily pull straight out if high winds strike.

Those screws aren't just attached anywhere on the metal. Most systems use a standing seam construction, concealing screws under decorative metal channels. These fasteners aren't flush against the roof deck, keeping the structure free from holes that could lead to water damage. Fasteners are also hidden from view, so they're not subjected to pounding rain through the years. If homeowners see any fasteners in view on a standing seam installation, contractors aren't adding the materials.

Before any installation can commence, however, contractors must calculate structural strength in regards to metal weight.

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Although shingles do add up in weight with their layered construction, metal is normally heavier. Contractors perform basic calculations to verify that a structure is built well enough for metal to be considered. They may even contact engineers to ensure all calculations are correct. Any structures deemed unfit for extra weight must have shingles installed rather than metal.

A major concern about metal roofing is that they are considered noisy. During rain or hail, loud pinging noises could be a problem for residents. However, contractors deaden these potential sounds with metal roofing foam inserts. This foam fits snugly under panels, creating an insulation factor for the material. Any sounds emanating from the roof will be comparable to shingled surfaces. Foam and proper fastener tightening contribute to reduced noise during storms.

Homeowners should keep up with metal roofing maintenance just like shingled structures. It may be beneficial to sign a maintenance agreement with the installing contractor, allowing them to visit periodically for inspection purposes. Because these professionals installed the roof, they have intimate knowledge of its overall construction. If any issues arise, contractors can pinpoint them almost immediately, which may repair costs.

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