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In recent years, metal roofs have been refined for residential use, making them more versatile outside of industrial and commercial applications. Attractive metal paneling creates architectural focal points for homeowners along with a long lasting material construction. However, misconceptions regarding metal roofs have made homeowners wary purchasing them. St Louis roofing professionals can discuss any misconceptions about this material so homeowners can make an informed decision about its possible installation.

One of the first misconceptions about metal roofs is the propensity for lightning strikes. Although the surface is metal, that fact doesn't automatically mean the structure will be vulnerable to strikes. Lightning gravitates to the closest or tallest item in the area, such as treetops. In most cases, these structures won't be the tallest points in a given landscape. Lightning selects the path of least resistance and is more likely to hit a tree, light post or other nearby object instead.

When rain strikes an old fashioned corrugated metal rooftop, loud sounds emanate from the surface. Although metal is naturally noisy in general, contractors install paneling with foam inserts to reduce sound vibrations. These inserts hide under the metal for a normal rooftop aesthetic. Homeowners can expect a metal roof to sound just as loud as a shingled installation during rain or hail. Residents should speak to their roof installers to verify what kinds of soundproofing material should be used before the project begins.

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Concerns regarding cellphone reception under metal roofs have risen over the years, as more people rely on mobile technology instead of landlines at residences. Cellphone reception is usually hindered by physical barriers as opposed to metal materials, however. If homeowners use their cellphone by a window for reception within a shingled home, a metal roof doesn't affect any technology performance.

Although metal panels are advertised as incredibly strong materials, they aren't indestructible. Homeowners must refrain from walking on the surface, allowing only professionals to gain access during appointments. Flying debris may create small dents in the rooftop, so contractors must survey these areas for possible repair. Generally, metal roofs withstand more weathering forces than shingles, but they still wear down over time.

Several coatings are available for these roofs, including stone coated metal, but homeowners must be aware of their limitations. By coating the structure with materials that simulate a shingled appearance, similar deterioration issues occur over time. This coating could drop granules to the ground, for example, and result in the metal roof appearing worn and damaged. Homeowners should weigh the advantages and drawbacks to each coating before settling on a final choice.

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