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Gone are the days when metal roofs were installed only on barns and warehouses, and metal roofing products are no longer limited to panels with ridges and grooves or standing seams. In today's market, steel and aluminum have taken on the appearance of wood, asphalt, clay and even slate. Since they are now manufactured in the form of shingles, shakes and tiles, these durable materials are in high demand for residential projects as well as commercial. They can be textured and finished to create an authentic architectural design without losing any of their functionality. For more details about metal roofing components, homeowners should contact a reputable St Louis roofing professional.

Copper is sometimes used for roofing products instead of aluminum or steel because it requires no coating for protection from the elements. It resists corrosion naturally while providing the same benefits as other metals. Although this high end material can last as a roof covering for 100 years or more, property owners must beware of its staining ability. Gutters are essential for keeping runoff from a copper roof away from the structure below. A new sheet metal that is gaining popularity consists of stainless steel with copper plating. As a result of the steel's strength, a very lightweight layer is adequate for sheltering the underlayment and decking.

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With aluminum and steel dominating the metal roofing industry, manufacturers commonly look to the Metal Roofing Association for standards so that their products are effective in all environments. Steel generally gets a metallic coating before the baked on paint finish is applied. For a long lasting finish, the coating may be a combination of zinc and aluminum. A thick layer extends the life expectancy of the metal and, therefore, increases its price. The galvanizing thickness level should be G 90 or higher. If the coating is not high quality, then it may chalk or fade. Some metal roofing components are coated with acrylic that has inlaid stone granules. These products do not typically have a metallic appearance.

An aluminum base is best for structures located near the ocean although flashing made from the material can oxidize or pit from the salt in the air. If the area has unusually high exposure to ultraviolet radiation, then the paint coating needs to be premium certified. In most other locations, the standard recommendations should suffice. Overall, a metal roof serves its purpose well as a strong, lightweight roofing material that is fire resistant and easily recycled.

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