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When homeowners prepare to inspect the condition of their rooftop, it is important to be as thorough as possible. A visual inspection of the surrounding area should be performed roughly once every three or four months. Some more durable systems can allow homeowners to perform their maintenance duties only once every six or so months. Regardless of how often the homeowner takes care of their roofing system, there will always be other, deeper problems beneath the system itself that homeowners may not be able to spot with their naked eyes. St Louis roofing experts recommend for all homeowners to consider having a formal moisture scanning service performed in order to spot troublesome signs of water damage before they become larger problems.

Formal surveys are usually divided into three distinct categories, each of which features their own advantages and disadvantages. Homeowners interested in learning more about the processes should contact their local roofing professionals and see which service the experts would recommend. On average, it is a good idea to have these services performed roughly once every five years.

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Because of how thorough and careful these scans are, they are not designed to be used as a primary method of detecting moisture, and should only be ordered to provide homeowners with a more in depth option if there are no overt moisture problems visible.

One of the first testing methods is the infrared scan. This scan is designed to measure the amount of heat that is lost or retained through the roof's insulation. Because moisture can transmit heat better than dry materials, the infrared camera will be able to pick up the most sensitive changes in the homeowner's attic, determining where higher levels of heat are radiated by the wetter materials.

Another testing method is based on nuclear isotopic meters. These work by sending a flood of hydrogen ions through the roofing systems and counting the amount that bounces back. Because water has such a distinct hydrogen formula, if a significant number of ions are found present and reflected in the roofing system, it signifies that there is moisture present in the roof.

Finally, many professionals also use electrical capacitance meters to measure how well the rooftop can conduct electricity. This system functions by sending out tiny electrical pulses through the roof to find troublesome areas that may need further inspection. It functions on the basic principle that wetter materials are able to conduct electricity better than dry ones.

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